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Here is a list of all the spices you would want to have in order to make any one of the over 100 curries recipes from around the World. Whether your looking for a Indian curry recipe, Thai curry recipe, African curry recipe, Japanese curry or Indonesian. All these spices listed below are what you want to have on hand if your going to prepare certain curries from the cultural dish your making.

I have made it even easier for you to prepare almost any dish. As I have tested out many different types of pre-mixed spices and pastes that will help you make just about any type of Traditional curry easily.

All the pre-made curries below have been tried and tested and are authentic when in comes to the ingredients used in them. Saving you time and effort trying to source out each individual ingredient, the products listed below will make cooking any type of curry recipes easy.

Caribbean curry ingredients: In the Caribbean they cook with Jamaican curry which has less turmeric in it to say Indian curry and it is a bit more spicy as they also cook with allspice and Scotch bonnet chiles. 

Caribbean Curry Products:Yellow Curry“; “Red Curry“, “Green Curry“, “Massaman Curry”, “Penang Curry”.

Thai Curry ingredients: 

Thai Curry Products:

Indian Curry Ingredients

Indian Curry Products:

African Curry Ingrediants

African Curry Products: