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World of Curries

Curry flavors from around the World

Wanting to try some of what the World has to offer in the flavor of curries? Check out my descriptions below and links to my favorite curry products to make some of the most popular dishes.

Many cultures cook with curry, each country having its own flavor origin. This article is to teach you about each one and how they differ. So that you too can master how to cook curry from any culture you choose.

Caribbean Curries

In the Caribbean they cook with Jamaican curry which has less turmeric in it to say Indian curry and it is a bit more spicy as they also cook with allspice and Scotch bonnet chiles.

Thai Curries

Are made from scratch with a mortar a pestle, however these days in North America anyway you can find these mixtures already made. You just have to experiment with them as some are really not traditional. I have recommendations for my favorite brand in any of the Thai recipes that I share on this site. The curries come in a thick paste that is mixed with coconut milk and then is simmered in whatever traditional dish your making. There are five distinct curry pastes that are used in Thai cooking, that being of “Yellow Curry“; “Red Curry“, “Green Curry“, “Massaman Curry” which has cinnamon, cumin, nutmeg, cloves and cardamom. Then lastly their is “Penang Curry” which has the addition of chopped peanuts and palm sugar which makes the most popular Thai dish of all Pad Thai.

India: .

Indian Curries

There are many different types of Indian spice blends, but the most popular fall under 5 categories: Garam Masala Powder, Tikka Masala Powder, Sambhar Masala Powder, and Chaat Masala.